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Following is a step-by-step chlorine flushing process that can be used to reduce the occurrence of rotten-egg odor in hot water.

  1. Shut off the power to your electric heater, or close the manual shut-off valve for the gas supply for your gas heater.
  2. Close the cold water inlet valve at the heater.
  3. Open a nearby hot water faucet.
  4. Disconnect the hot water outlet pipe from the heater.
  5. Drain a gallon of water from the drain valve for each gallon of chlorine bleach to be added.
  6. Close the heater drain valve and pour the suggested amount of chlorine bleach (Clorox® bleach or equivalent) into the tank-opening you established in step 4. (Use one gallon of chlorine bleach for each 30-gallons of water heater tank capacity. The tank capacity is located on the heater's identification plate.)
  7. Leave the mixture in the heater for one, or more, hours.
  8. Drain the mixture from the tank through the heater's drain valve.
  9. Close the heater's drain valve, open the cold water inlet valve, and completely fill the tank with water. Leave the water in the tank for 15-minutes.
  10. Drain the water from the tank through the heater's drain valve. Close the drain valve, and reconnect the hot water outlet pipe that was disconnected in step 4. (Be sure to apply Teflon tape to the threads.)
  11. Open the cold water inlet valve, and fill the tank with water. Close the hot water faucet (from step 3) when a steady stream of water is coming from the faucet. 
  12. Check for water leaks at all fittings used. Repair as necessary.
  13. Turn on power or open the gas supply valve. For gas heaters, light the pilot following the instructions on the heater.
  14. Monitor the water heater for normal operation.

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